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In Conversation with Leanne & Chris - Trustee Week 2022

To celebrate this years’ Trustee Week, we decided to catch up with one of our trustees to find out what motivates her to support SWALLOW. We are so appreciative of all of our trustees who bring their time and experience to support our charity. Leanne, one of our members interviewed Chris Negus and they had a lovely chat. Read on to find out more!

LHD (Leanne): Why did you decide to become a trustee at SWALLOW?

CN (Chris): A friend of mine suggested it to me – he is also a trustee here at SWALLOW. I have worked in education for 50 years and for a long time I was based at Fosseway School, working in lots of other schools in the surrounding area as well. I am very interested in supporting folks with learning disabilities, and I already knew lots of members of SWALLOW. The people here are fun and we have lots of laughs.

LHD: We are very happy here, thank you Chris.

CN: It makes me happy that you’re happy!

LHD: What’s your favourite thing about being a trustee here?

CN: I really enjoy coming into SWALLOW to see everyone, particularly attending the committee members meetings. These happen every six weeks, just before our trustee meetings. I like listening to their feedback, they report to the group about what they have been doing. At the end of the meeting, each person gets the chance to share their ideas for the future and talk about what they have enjoyed most.

I also love popping into the SWALLOW café with my friends and family. I recently took my 102 year old cousin there, who had a lovely time!

LHD: Do you have any favourite memories of your time at SWALLOW that you’d like to share?

CN: I remember the 25th anniversary ball. We went to the Swan in Wells – it was very posh! Everyone dressed up, had a meal, did lots of dancing, it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves so much.

LHD: Yes I loved the ball as well.

CN: I belong to a choir and we held an event with the SWALLOW choir which was a lovely evening with lots of singing, drinks and cakes and together we raised £600 for SWALLOW!

The Jubilee party at the SWALLOW café was brilliant too, we had hot dogs and burgers. It was great to be at the opening of the Hive Café as well.

LHD: The chocolate brownies there are the best!

LHD: What would you say to others who may be thinking of becoming a trustee?

CN: I would say do it! You’re needed – particularly if you have experience with finance. We are currently looking for an Honorary Treasurer on our board. You would get a lot of satisfaction from it. What I find so good about this charity, is that the money is spent so wisely. With some other charities, you can’t be so sure.

LHD: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

CN: I think this is a great charity, the money is spent wisely, all of the people who work here work really hard. Everyone is great - I have nothing negative to say!

SWALLOW is currently seeking an Honorary Treasurer to join the Trustee board. In addition to fulfilling the duties, obligations and responsibilities of a Trustee, the Honorary Treasurer will work with the financial team to oversee the financial matters of the charity and support them to report to the Trustee Board at regular intervals about financial matters within the organisation..

We would love to hear from you if you have knowledge of financial accounting and reporting procedures and strategic financial planning skills, as well as a desire to improve the lives of local people with learning disabilities.

Please email Beverley Craney, Chief Executive on by 1st December 2022.



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