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  • Needle-Felted Woodland Birds
  • Needle-Felted Woodland Birds

Needle-Felted Woodland Birds


Limited Edition

These beautiful needle-felted birds have been made with love and care, taking many hours, by one of SWALLOW's Support Workers and donated to us to sell.




Mounted on natural wood slices and decorated with moss, they look so life-like, as if you've disturbed their feeding time.


Needle Felting is a very time consuming craft whereby wool is matted together into a 3D shape using a barbed needle to 'stab' at natural wool fibres to compress and 'knit' them together. It takes a lot of skill and time to create the right shapes and then placing the different strands of coloured detailing on top of even a basic small sculptural piece.


Snap them up before they all fly away!

  • All our online products (unless specified in the description) can be dispatched by post/courier within 3 working days (postage fees apply), or you may collect them from our Offices in Westfield, between Midsomer Norton and Radstock BA3 4BQ. For collection, please make contact with our Work Skills Senior and arrange a suitable date and time for your collection. Thank You.

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