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SWALLOW members to run Bath Half Marathon!

We are so delighted that two SWALLOW members - and two members of staff! - have decided to run the Bath Half Marathon for us this year.

We are in awe that they are gearing up for such a big challenge. Alex has started his training with one of our support workers and last week he went out training with the Westfield TT Running group. Alex told us that he wants to run for SWALLOW "because SWALLOW does so much for me".

We also caught up with Molly to chat to her about how she's feeling about the Bath Half. Molly attends one of our Art Groups (you can see her above with a wooden swallow that she has recently created) and she also attends Base House, to increase her independent living skills.

Hi Molly, we are so pleased that you've decided to run for us! Have you done any running before?

Molly: I did a race for life when I was 9 with my grandma. We jogged and walked our way around - I think that's what I'll do for the Bath Half.

Why did you decide to run in the half marathon?

Molly: I want to give something back for everything that SWALLOW has done for me over the years.

How is your training going?

Molly: I am training on the cycle track near me and I've been running and walking.

Do you have any top tips for anyone else who is thinking of running?

Molly: My friend told me to save yourself for the end of the run and speed up then! I think pace yourself and take your time. I'm also going to take some snacks in my pockets so I can keep my energy up as I go!

Thanks so much Molly - and good luck!

We are so grateful to everyone who has decided to run for SWALLOW this year! We still have discounted places available, so if Molly's tips have inspired you, please do get in touch.

The Bath Half Marathon takes place on Sunday 15th October 2023, so there is still plenty of time to train. Please get in touch with Jade on or call 01761 414034 if you would like to find out more.


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