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  • A Gift of Seeds

A Gift of Seeds


Please support SWALLOW by buying a gift of seeds. 


We are excited to be creating a sensory garden in the SWALLOW office grounds this year.


We are looking for donations to purchase any of the following please:

- flowers;

- bushes;

- evergreen seeds;

- seedlings;

- shade plants;

- full sun/partial sun plants.


We love planting seeds and nurturing them in our greenhouse, or planting straight into the ground/pots. The garden will be planted under our large leylandii trees.


We are hoping to incorporate bright colours, heavy scents and different textures to add to the sensory experience!


This project enables people with learning disabilities to gain new gardening skills whilst helping to support the bees and protect the environment.


For just £5 we can purchase a packet of seeds for this project or with larger donations we will be able to invest in plants, flowers or bushes. A donation of any size is very much appreciated.


Thank you.

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